A revitalized Earth could produce enough biomass that in addition to providing sufficient high quality food, we could also grow and harvest compostable construction materials, which instead of being buried in landfills would be digested back into soil and thus increase the aliveness of the Earth.

When we regard the Earth as a holistic being, then insects, rodents, birds, weeds, bacteria, and viruses are no attack from nature but rather processes that disintegrate and create life, naturally occurring in every living organism.

bildschirmfoto-2_Recognizing the valuable “jobs” being performed by weeds and vermin permits us to interact in a completely different way with them. For example, the “feedback” given by an excessive growth of the creeping thistle with its long taproots indicates that the soil needs to be loosened and actually performs that service.

We are experimenting with novel mycorrhiza-protecting agricultural technologies like non-plough and minimal tillage, cultivation of new perennial species, mulching techniques, mixed crops, and much more.

Whether humans can repair the damage that we have caused to the ecosystems of Earth remains to be seen. Even if we can’t repair it we will try everything we can. Every step towards ecosystem restoration and enrichment helps bring Earth back into thriving balance.


Here is a series of short films in which Tassilo Willaredt presents healthy ways of thinking, healthy topsoil, and healthy Earth.

Link to the Film (18 min)

Brief Film Description

Humanity is the awakening consciousness of the Earth. How can consciousness wake up? By people waking each other up! This talk is a fine example. Most human civilizations died off as a result of not paying attention to the balance of Earth ecosystems and by not guarding the topsoil. Today there remains little agricultural land not conventionally farmed by machinery, becoming poorer and poorer in nutrients. In this video we go on a walk with a guardian of the Earth, Tassilo Willaredt, while he descriptively explains some of the intricate connections in living systems and depicts how to build up topsoil again through new behaviors. Healthy views, healthy topsoil, healthy Earth. Everything is interrelated.