When you regenerate yourself you regenerate the Earth.
When you blossom the Earth blossoms.
When you become more conscious the Earth becomes more conscious.

The biggest support for the vision of Puls der Erde is your ongoing personal development.

Here are some ways to support the manifold activities of the association Puls der Erde e.V.:

  • You can become a member and contribute the annual membership dues of 120, – Euros (or more…)
  • You can contribute with a one-time or monthly donation of 10 Euros, 25 Euros, 50 Euros or any amount of your choice. For donating one time or monthly please click on this link or donate directly to the account of Puls der Erde e.V. specified below.
  • Since the total purchase of Lenzwald is being bank-financed you would greatly support us with an interest-free six-digit loan so we can switch from the “banking system” to the “thanking system.” Please refer directly to Gabriel Erben for further discussions on this theme.
  • You can forward this website link to people who might be interested in our future-proof project.
  • You can work with us in our community supported acriculture.
  • You can register for a seminar or book our seminarhouse for your own seminars.
  • And if you think of further possibilities for creative collaboration we are excited to talk with you about it.


Donation Account Puls der Erde e.V.:
IBAN: DE33 7016 9524 0000 5208 88
Reference: Love for the Earth

Your support – large or small – is truly appreciated.