The association Puls der Erde e.V. is dedicated to researching and spreading sustainable lifestyles. The vision of the association is a blossoming, vital planet. As our basis we aim for a developed farmstead at Lenzwald with up to 30 hectares of land and livestock and a comprehensive seminar center with a research and training academy for regenerative and solidary agriculture. A small engaged resident core community is connected with a growing larger community, whose work, interconnectedness, and innovation power contributes to a societal impact. This way a crucial contribution is made to the autonomy of the region, as a starting point for other regions and as an inspiration center for a growing awareness of deep sustainability on all levels.

The community of Puls der Erde e.V. works to be a bridge to next culture and to network in an organic way both regionally and cross-regionally.

Many activities are available throughout the year for your participation.

Whether it be occasions like our open days – the “ImPuls Days”, the guided farm tours, collaborating in our solidary agriculture, celebrations, the numerous seminars, trainings and other events – we look forward to getting to know you and to research, work, and celebrate together.



The People at Lenzwald

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