Regenerative Agriculture
It is time for a new agriculture which is dedicated to sustainability and harmony with nature. Too long have humans held the arrogant and shortsighted strategy of taking, contaminating, and devastating. Too long have we ignored that the living Earth is as complex and intricately balanced as the human body. It is time to grow up and shift to an agriculture which does not only conserve resources but actually restores soil to its previously abundant vitality.

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Possibility Management
Possibility Management is a cultural context centered around authentic adulthood initiatory processes. While growing up your personal awareness about what you think, say, feel, experience, and do, increases. Perspectives change, values change, and the ability to perceive expands. Each person’s unique potentials are called out and activated for the benefit everyone. Step by step your life shifts into doing what you came here to do as a fully inspired Being. Gradually you find your place in service to evolution of life on Earth.

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Puls der Erde e.V
The non-profit association Puls der Erde e.V. at Lenzwald dedicates itself to researching and spreading sustainable ways of living. This involves the initiation work of Possibility Management as well as developing sustainable agricultural farming methods and technologies. Combining Possibility Management with regenerative agriculture creates blossoming landscapes and beautiful peoplescapes.

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Puls der Erde

Community for Researching And Spreading Sustainable Ways Of Living

Intention & Vision of Puls der Erde e.V.

We put clear strong seeds into the Earth so that our next generations can harvest. Our intention is to grant our children high quality four-body food on a daily basis and as a matter of course so they grow into responsible adults helping to bridge the Earth into a blossoming oasis. A breakdown that causes the current misery is the illusion that we humans are disconnected from Earth, from nature, and from each other. Although the worsening condition of Earth is no secret we rarely give ourselves permission to be deeply touched by all the reports. If we do feel the pain of what is happening then we risk falling into despair, resigning, and doing nothing. But neither denial nor resignation cause change. We live on a planet where all creatures are connected through a global net of relatedness. It is our intention to reconnect with the Earth and her creatures, to let ourselves be touched by the state of the world which we caused in the first place, to consciously feel remorse, and to use this pain as fuel to act, to explore, and to experiment with ways to live with each other, with the Earth, and with her creatures in ways that regenerate nature.

When you blossom
the Earth blossoms