We offer the space for healing and transforming the most diverse life themes, so that a flourishing and sustainable culture can be created responsibly and with foresight. A culture in which children become inspired adults and the next seven generations can live healthy lives.

In order for things to be changed with a lasting effect, it is necessary to think and to feel differently.

It is these required sustainable ways of thinking and acting which are being explored, taught and practiced in our seminars and events.


By sustainable ways of thinking and behaving we mean:

  • A sensitive interplay of man and earth
  • Awareness of cause and consequence
  • Including the wisdom of feelings
  • Rediscovering natural lightness and joy of life
  • Health on all levels
  • Taking responsibility at the causative level
  • Formulating intentions more clearly
  • Communicating responsibly
  • Consciously including all levels of existence (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic) in everyday life

No matter whether you are looking for possibilities for your relationship, your finances, your health, or your vocation: Just as the vitality of the soil can be increased, the vitality in man can be increased, too.

Discover your possibilities on our calendar of events and get in touch with us:
+49 8630 9868648 or willkommen@pulsdererde.org.