German oder deutsch?

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Dear Reader, If you have read through this website at all then by now you probably have come to the realization that there must be one of two things happening here language-wise: Either WordPress does not have a kind and … Continued


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Sometimes the universe knocks on your door with an offer. The question is: do you answer? That is a dangerous question… because often the universe has bigger ideas about what is possible for you than you yourself have. But these … Continued

Puls der Erde says THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks to further donations and loans we have reached our intended capital sum Tuesday last week! THANK YOU from the whole team for your support!! Now we can purchase the property (at first with bank credits) and then in the … Continued

Puls der Erde e.V. Comes to Life

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There is nothing in the world like creating a gameworld with friends from a common context as a platform for collaborating on projects that fulfill each person’s destiny. The sensation is so rewarding. Translation: “I feel glad!”