Puls der Erde says THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks to further donations and loans we have reached our intended capital sum Tuesday last week!
THANK YOU from the whole team for your support!!

Now we can purchase the property (at first with bank credits) and then in the next step with further donations (yes, please keep donating) and ongoing activities at Lenzwald (let yourself be surprised) pay back all loans.

Since the end of June Sonia, Tassilo, Anne, and Thomas with their children Lisa Marie and Laurin are already on site working, planting and organizing the next activities.

The speed with which this Project for Researching and Spreading Sustainable Ways of Living emerges shows us how big the necessity of this work is. It seems as if the universe wants to see what we have to contribute so that our beautiful planet can keep being the home for us human beings. At this point also many thanks for the countless good wishes from you accompanying this project.

If you know of people who would like to support such a project please forward this message to them. If you yourself have a financial possibility for further donating or loaning money interest-free, here is the account info:

Puls der Erde e.V.
Reference: Love for the Earth
IBAN: DE 33 7016 9524 0000 5208 88

Regarding a private loan please contact Thomas Schmid at 0170-9029887 or thomas@vier-gefuehle.de.

Heartfully, for fertile soil and a good harvest nurturing us all.

The project team of Puls der Erde e.V.

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